New Auto Assault Beta Journal

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Hondas and honing missiles!

This week we present the second Auto Assault beta journal from Xerin. Last time we went through the newbie content and fought a giant epic spider. This week we explore the "next highways" content. What exactly is in this "next highway"? Tanks, heliocopters, and lots of trips to the repair shop. Oh, and of course neat quests and fun adventuring. So check out the adventure at the TenTonHammer Auto Assault community site!

Last time I played, I went on a marvelous adventure though the newbie areas. I took out an instructor in battle, I fought a giant spider, a leader of a gang, and much more. This time around, I started advancing through the real meat of the game. While there were no giant spiders this time around, there were plenty of other creepy crawlies.
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