AA Comedy Series Continues

Posted Tue, Feb 07, 2006 by Ethec

We always thought Xerin... er, Devrek belonged in the looney bin!

In the continuing Auto Assault-themed comedy series, Devrek took a Freelancer’s car and sold it to some of those bandits that roam outside of towns last week. While he was bragging about all of the money he made during his standup act, Hestia Corporation broke in and whisked him away. So this week in the fourth edition of the Roadstop Comedy Club we find out exactly what happened after he was taken in! Apparently Devrek has gotten access to a local terminal and has sent all of his buddies an update on his condition.

Apparently selling off Hestia Corporation’s property the first time lands you with exile. A second time and it lands you locked up in a cell with guards and crazy stares. I’m being treated well, however they say I may get released from my exile due to permanent irreversible mental insanity. I’m not quite sure where they get that idea. I guess trying to make a pirate hat out of the only piece of bread you get that day makes you crazy. If trying to be fashionable is crazy, well then, uh… call me fashionably crazy! Yeah!

Check out the entire Roadstop Comedy Club serial at at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer!


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