TTH Editorial: Is Bigger Always Better?

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Messiah

Today’s common content on the TenTonHammer network asks the question: how much should MMOs cater to the explorer segment of the player base? Should developers constantly enlarge the world so that things stay fresh and new to players in the game? What is the cost of this expansive space being used in the game in terms of loss of social contact between other players. I also want to take a look at an issue that revolves around how much of the space available in games actually gets used. It’s fine to have a huge world, but where do player congregate and how much space do you really need. Also do players really want to explore?

To start looking at this issue you first have to understand a little about the explorer segment of players in MMOs. These are players that get a thrill out of being a modern day digital Columbus. They enjoy setting out across the digital frontier in search of a brave new land where no man has gone before… Well, maybe just the devs, but in game terms they are God, so don’t really count as men.

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