AA - A Guide to Getting Started in Beta

Posted Tue, Feb 14, 2006 by Ralphedelominius

Are you lost and confused, all alone on St Valentine's Day? Perhaps the idea of vehicular carnage appeals to you as a way to improve your spirits? Yes? Yeah, it works for me, too!

Xerin and his crew at Ten Ton Hammer Auto Assault have compiled just the guide for you, giving up the scoop on the how-to for entry into the Auto Assault Beta, currently ongoing:

The first step to playing the beta is actually getting into the beta.
This isn't as hard of a process as you think. There are two ways to
get into the beta. One is a "lottery" type situation where you sign up
on PlayNC and hope your name is drawn out of a hat. The other is to
pre-order the game, which puts you in line for priority beta access.

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