New AA Comedy Installment

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That silly Devrek. What’s he up to this time?

We'll find out in our latest installment of the Roadstop Comedy Club! This week we bring you the fifth edition in our humorous series featuring a wacky stand up comedian. This time he’s back at the roadstop and something’s brewing! You’ll have to read to find out what though! Drive on over to the Comedy Highway and exit at Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer!

Hey guys! Welcome back to the comedy club. I missed all of you in my temporary absence. I hope that doesn’t happen again. I’ve got myself under control this time I hope. There is now a collar around my leg where if I try to leave the comedy club it’ll explode or something. I don’t really know because I wasn’t paying attention. That’s a small detail though, because there was something bothering me while I had all of that free time. What if cars could talk?

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