EQ2 Expansion Launches!

Posted Wed, Feb 22, 2006 by Ethec

Is it there yet? Is it there yet? *poke* *poke*

Quiet already! Last time I checked Kingdom of Sky was up and running without issue (and yes what I consider an issue may not be what you consider an issue). Slide, after about 3 cans of Amp, waited patiently to enter the game.

The impatience is staggering. I can understand wanting to play. I love new games, expansions and content and want to play. I WANT TO PLAY!!! But, I work 12+ hours per day and think how nice it would be to sit at my keyboard questing and beating up on mean, nasty mobs with my pals instead of taking insidious helpdesk calls of do0m.

See? The man is a saint of patience. You can read his entire article on expansion day at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.


This announcement is so full of win we could hardly wait to tell you about it. Today EQHammer announced its User-generated Content System. In the spirit of EverQuest Next Landmark, where players are the superstars creating cool things, we’ve decided to give you - the players, the dreamers of dreams and the makers of guides - a platform.

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