AA Comedy Series Continues

Posted Thu, Feb 23, 2006 by Ethec

The power of the press?

Every week we load Xerin (of the Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer community site) up with Mountain Dew and Cheezits, put him in front of a computer, and stand back. And that's how the sixth installment of the Roadstop Comedy Club (featuring the hit star, Devrek) came to be. It looks like Devrek is on to some kind of new crazy idea. Apparently he wants to start writing his own newsletter!

Heya and welcome back to the Roadstop Comedy Club. A lot has happened around here while you were gone. For example, I dusted off the stage. It's now a lot less dusty! We also upgraded all of our robots that serve you with our new menu. On it, you'll find some local favourites from Aurora. While up top the only available foods are hamburgers and sugar cakes, at least have some variety thanks to us!

So check out Devrek's latest pursuits (including the first Auto Assault comic ever to grace our network) at Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer.


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