WoW - Murlocs Revealed

Posted Thu, Feb 23, 2006 by Awenyddion

Something wicked this way comes.. Oh wait no. It's just a slimey fish.

They're saying that Murlocs are a mystery. I say nay. I've killed many, they're pretty common. However (draw out that r because it's mystery time) looks like something big scary and gritty is on it's way into an Azeroth near you. Read More about it.

Several indicators from the murlocs themselves point to the possibility that the fish-men are but worshippers or underlings of perhaps several deep-sea monstrosities that currently lie sleeping, or at least waiting, in the murky fathoms – and even more disturbing, that the murlocs' emergence is an indication of their incipient awakening.

If that is the case, the mysterious and somewhat underestimated murlocs may be the world's first glimpse at something far more terrifying.

Really.. I'm scared. God only knows what it could be? I'm envisioning something akin to Rosie O'donnell on a five day donut binge. *shudder*

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