Ryzom Down: What's Next?

Posted Fri, Feb 15, 2008 by Aelryn

It's dead and gone, son. There's no coming back. Wait-- unless you know where a good indian burial ground is.

In this editorial, Max Taha of WarCry asks, "What's next for Ryzom?" After their servers were shut down (yet again), the future looks troubling for Ryzom fans. Max explores what it would take to get the game back on its feet.

Saga of Ryzom has been through three rough years, through ups and downs, and thousands of true loyal fans, who suffered a slow and agonizing shutdown in the last month, one server at a time. Amongst the feelings of sorrow, anger and denial, the big question remains: what's next for Ryzom fans?

The only definite fact, right now, is that the original operators, GameForge France, are getting liquidated and dissected by the French government; this effectively means that existing account databases will not be revived under any other entity.

So how can a Ryzom branded MMO be brought back? That will require: negotiating the liquidators, paying off the debts, salvaging any remaining assets, and pump even more cash into a brand new setup. A fresh MMO setup will cost a rather hefty bill to cover game servers, support team, developers, billing and customer service. Although these prospects look grim, there is still hope in keeping the Ryzom legacy alive!

See if you agree with the rest of what he has to say by popping by the forums.

[Via WarCry]


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