Bank Starts Declining Blizzard Charges

This is why your bank hates Blizzard.

This is why your bank hates Blizzard.

WoW Insider reports that Halifax, a UK-based bank, is now declining auto-pay charges from Blizzard, citing increasingly common fraud and charge-backs as the reason.

It seems that keyloggers and phishers are not the only fraudsters infiltrating World of Warcraft. Halifax, a bank in the United Kingdom has ceased processing most transactions with Blizzard Entertainment. This measure was taken in response to increasing numbers of reports fraudulent transactions for WoW services. I had a similar issue with another bank based in the United States. That institution saw my recurring Blizzard charge as suspicious. Once I contacted them to verify my subscriptions my credit card was quickly returned to an active status.

Read more about it here.

[Via WoW Insider]

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