Xbox 360 Controller a Challenge

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MTV Multiplayer reports back from GDC stating that Funcom, while still not having an official expected launch date for the Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan, has predicted some difficulties with the 360 controller.

While catching up with Funcom Product Manager Jorgen Tharaldsen, he updated us on the Xbox 360 versionÂ’s progress. Unfortunately, Funcom doesnÂ’t yet have a timeframe for release, as the their resources are devoted to ensuring a May ship date for the PC version.

Once that’s out the door, however, Funcom can prep their move into the console space. Such a transition doesn’t come without substantial hurdles, says Tharaldsen. The four and a half years of developing “Age of Conan” on the PC means their work has been crafted around a mouse and keyboard.

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