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GW - Factions Pre-Order Offer

Posted Tue, Feb 28, 2006 by Awenyddion

Pre-Orders are now available for Guild Wars: Factions. This is what you get if you're a North American gamer.


* A key that provides access to the Factions Preview Event on March 24th
* Access to Guild Wars Factions twenty-four hours before the official release date
* Exclusive in-game items—one unique item for each of the two new professions
* A "friend" key that gives one of your friends access to the Factions Preview Event on March 24th
* A 14-day, 10-hour trial of Guild Wars (original Prophecies campaign)
* A tactical guide
* A quick-reference card
* A CD that includes concept art, wallpapers, and in-game trailers

I'd get it for the quick-reference card alone.

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