Arena Tournament Information Page Released

Posted Wed, Feb 20, 2008 by Xerin

New arena tournament page offers better information on the upcoming tournament!

While registration isn't open it looks like Blizzard has given us a glimpse at just how the upcoming tournament will work. Details on the prizes, registration requirements, and other information about the new upcoming tournament is now available in one easy to find location. If you're interested in the upcoming tournament for real cash prizes then check this out!

The new Arena Tournament Information page is a preview of the upcoming 2008 Arena Tournament for World of Warcraft. Learn how newly-created Tournament characters will quickly transform into fearsome gladiators armed to the teeth, what types of gameplay await you in the Arena Tournament realms, the Tournament season structure, and many more details - including how to register. Visit the Arena Tournament Information Page now for Tournament registration (coming soon), up-to-date information and news on the Tournament, and screenshots of the Tournament realms.

Click here to visit the new arena tournament page.

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