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3.0 - Warrior Trainers

Warrior trainers are available in the locations below. They are displayed by zone area name and then the NPCs name.

Check out these starting guides for more beginner info for Warriors:

Warrior trainers for all levels are found in the racial cities.

Check out our city guides for where to find the closest trainer:

  • Horde
    • Orgrimmar - The seat of Horde power, Orgrimmar is the home city for orcs and trolls.
    • Thunder Bluff - The Tauren city, built atop a series of mesas high in Mulgore.
    • Undercity - Home of the Forsaken, Azeroth's freethinking undead carved Undercity out of the ruins of the once-majestic city Lordaeron.
  • Alliance
    • Stormwind - The Human capital, Stormwind remains the last bastion of Human rule in Azeroth.
    • Ironforge - Any Alliance player can benefit from a solid understanding of Ironforge, the Alliance's pricipal city.
    • Darnassus - Darnassus, home of the Night Elves, standing tall inside of the new world tree.

Warrior trainers can also be found in these outlying areas:

3.1 - Weapon Trainers

Warriors can use every kind of weapon in the game, except the caster-only wands. Some require extra training. Check out the Weapons Guide for where to find the best Weapons Trainer for you!

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