UI Mod Guide - Appendix 2

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Krimm's Guide
to World of Warcraft Addon Design

Appendix 2
Links & Credits

Here are sites I looked at either while learning to write AddOns myself, or while writing this guide:

Nevir’s sticky post in the WoW forums: ... #post173

WoWWiki AddOns page:

WoWWiki Interface Customization page:

slouken’s post, as presented on WoWWiki:

Details on events during the AddOn loading process: ... _Process

There are a bunch of good “How To” articles here:

Here are some other sites with some good information:

The official Lua site:

A free online Lua book (at the official site):

A good Lua FAQ by Lua users, with lots of links:

A list of Lua editors is here:

My favorite XML editor is here:

A really versatile programming editor is here:

Lua support for the above editor is available from:

Some Mac tools are listed here:




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