New Auto Assault Comedy Piece

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Devrek’s back this week with a surprise!

A special surprise full of mystic wonder and enjoyment! Well, not really. It’s more of an Auto Assault newsletter he created to go along with his normal sketch. That’s right! A whole newsletter is included in this week’s Roadhouse Comedy Club. That’s like a bonus, except that it's all free-of-charge!

Hey guys! Welcome back to the comedy club. Remember last time I said I was going to create a newsletter? Well I did it! I found someone to publish it and I have the first issue right here. I'll be handing them out at the end of today's skit. Don't worry though, there is plenty for everyone. They are digital so all you have to do is download them. I think. I don't really get technology.

Motor on over to Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer for some laughs with Devrek!

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