Guide To Zul'Gurub

Updated Mon, Mar 03, 2008 by Ratboy

Hello and welcome to the TenTonHammer guide to the Zul'Gurub Raid Instance.

First off we would like to thank everyone that has completed Zul'Gurrub and posted or discussed their guilds tactics. This guide is the result of a lot of people's effort in figuring out how to defeat the bosses. A list of some of the most prominent contributors is listed in section 3.2.

Table of Contents

Section 1- General

1.1 - Coins, Bijous, & Reputation

1.2 - NPCs and Reputation Rewards

1.3 - Map of Zul'Gurub

Section 2 - The Bosses

2.1 - Boss 1- High Priestess Jeklik

2.2 - Boss 2- High Priest Venoxis

2.3 - Boss 3- Bloodlord Mandokir

2.4 - Boss 4- High Priestess Mar'li

2.5 - Boss 5- High Priest Thekal

2.6 - Boss 6- High Priestess Arlokk

2.7 - Boss 7- Jin'do the Hexxer

2.8 - Boss 8- Hakkar

Section 3 - Links to other guides

3.1 - Links to other guides

3.2 - Contributors

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