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Posted Thu, Mar 09, 2006 by Awenyddion

It's not a surprise or a secret that I've become a Perpetual Fangrrl. I like what they're doing and I believe in the products that they're creating. Gods & Heroes looks just flat out amazing and even though I haven't seen anything solid from Star Trek Online yet I am that much of a fan of both the genre and the developer that I'm already hooked. So I troll the G&H boards with regularity. This is the offering for today. Deo's Space Blog for 3/8/06 In it he speaks about the deal with Sony and some new features of the game.

Now as far as the announcement of the god system change, I found out about the change several weeks ago and I talked it over with a couple of people internally. After thinking about it, we realized that the changes were so significant that it would require a massive revamp of the “gods” section of the website. At the time our new web designer, Will, hadn’t started with the company and was at least a week or two out from starting. I had already begun work on all the written revisions of the new website and we had established an internal official launch date of the new website, so the decision was made to simply hold off on that announcement until we launched the new design. This was my call and due to all the factors combined, I still believe it is the best one.

It leaves me wondering if I should send over cookies and chocolate milk with a note begging to let me into a beta. Any beta will do!

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