WoW: Paid Character Transfer and Paid Name Change Cooldowns Reduced

Posted Tue, Feb 26, 2008 by Aelryn

Now you can ninja the guild bank once per month.

Blizzard announced today that they'll be lowering the waiting period for paid name changes and paid character to transfers to one month, down from three.

We have made changes to the Paid Character Transfer and Paid Name Change cooldown times, and have lowered them from three months to one month. The cooldown refers to the length of time between when a character first uses one of these services and the next time it can be used. These two services do not share a cooldown.

When the paid transfers originally opened back in June of 2006, they included a six month cooldown. This was rather high as we had no statistics or data that would show us what effect the transfers would have on the game as a whole. It was rather conservative for a new feature. After analyzing any possible security risks, impact on the economy, and effect on in-game communities, the cooldown was reduced to three months in October of 2006.

Read more or see for yourself at the official site.

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