CoV Issue 7 Base Features Screens

Posted Wed, Mar 15, 2006 by Ethec

Re-pimp your City of Villains pad - new Issue 7 screens!

Issue 7 will bring a wave of improvements to City of Villains / City of Heroes, not least among them two action packed zones: Grandville (complete with the seat of villainous power - Arachnos Headquarters!) and Recluse's Victory (the new PvP zone where heroes and villains will square off) and the new level 40-50 quest series: Deadly Manifest.

What we have for you today, however, is a look at the wave of base features incorporated into the Issue 7 update. Have a look!


Prompted by fan reactions to comments made by Jack Emmert about City of Heroes at PAX East, Cryptic’s community manager responds.

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