New EQ2 Coyote Feature: KoS and Penny Arcadia

Posted Wed, Mar 15, 2006 by Ethec

An "unbiased" look at EverQuest 2's newest expansion...

Coyotee Sharptongue, on his journey for the truth, interviews Penny Arcadia to get an unbiased and journalistic view on the Kingdom of Sky. Or is it a stab at "independent" sites that push the flavor of the day by unfairly criticizing competing MMOGs? Hrmm.

“Wait a minute.” He asks, looking up from his readings. “Are you affiliated with PoP by chance?”

“That’s not the POINT Coyote!” Penny Arcadia says, smacking her fist into her hand for emphasis. “The point is, Kingdom of Sky – Norrath on whole is a bland, poorly designed, poorly contrived world made by unimaginative gods! Unlike Planet of PhysicalCombatMaking, which is too glorious for words! And on sale this month at a vendor near you!” She adds quickly with a toothy smile as the reporter struggles to get the microphone away from her.

“” Coyotee stammers as he pulls the device free. “Are you telling me, that your opinion of Norrath, is in no way influenced by your close association with…with this parallel universe?” He frowns as he waits for a response.”

The truth about Kingdom of Sky and recent, shall we say, media antics at at EQ2 - TenTonHammer!


This announcement is so full of win we could hardly wait to tell you about it. Today EQHammer announced its User-generated Content System. In the spirit of EverQuest Next Landmark, where players are the superstars creating cool things, we’ve decided to give you - the players, the dreamers of dreams and the makers of guides - a platform.

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