New AA Crafting / Gathering Guide

Posted Thu, Mar 16, 2006 by Ethec

We'll teach you how to fix your favorite rocket launcher!

How about where to find some duct tape to fix up some armor you found? Don’t worry! We now have a crafting section that contains all of the information to truly fix up your ride. Today’s update includes the basics on crafting and how to gather materials to begin your life as a tradesman. Check in frequently for more information on crafting, such as how to break, fix, and upgrade an item!

Ah, crafting. To create weapons, armor, and gadgets to blow your enemies to smithereens and survive their onslaught. Crafting is generally a simple endeavor in most MMORPGs. You take your materials and you make your item. After you’ve made enough items you get a skill point. When you’ve “earned” enough skill points then you can make new items. Eventually after enough of this you can make items people truly desire. Auto Assault doesn’t follow this tired and traditional way of crafting that has been rehashed since the beginning of online gaming. Instead it goes with a unique approach that delivers an in-depth crafting system that provides an interesting twist to item rarity.

It's the basics of crafting and gathering at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer!


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