New Burning Sea Devlog: Duels and Skirmishes

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A glove to the face, then you reach for the mace.

The latest Pirates of the Burning Sea devlog covers everything you wanted to know about dueling.

One of the things weÂ’re most proud of in Pirates of the Burning Sea is our ship to ship PvP. We feel that we have created a deep, enjoyable system for player versus player combat, with interesting and complex battle possibilities. Unfortunately our PvP has some fairly significant barriers to entry. The biggest of these is that youÂ’re risking your ship every time you go out. While we like this risk, and the context and meaning it gives to our PvP, itÂ’s a bit daunting, especially for new players. In light of that weÂ’re adding a couple of new systems to help ease new players into the PvP experience: duels and skirmish battles.

Read it at the Burning Sea website.

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