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Paid Transfer and Name Change Cooldown

By David Piner -

Cooldown lowered on transfers and name changes.

The cooldown on name changes and character transfers (both pay for services) have been lowered from 3 months to 1 month. Originally it was a 6 month cooldown but was lowered to 3 months after the impact of the transfers were noted as low. Now it's down to 1 month. So if you pay to change your name or your server you don't have to worry about waiting so long to move back if the choice itself was wrong!

We have made changes to the Paid Character Transfer and Paid Name Change cooldown times, and have lowered them from three months to one month. The cooldown refers to the length of time between when a character first uses one of these services and the next time it can be used. These two services do not share a cooldown.


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