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Warhammer Online Career Info:

Empire Bright Wizard

Official Information from EA Mythic

The Bright Wizard is a master of destruction by magic, and a specialist in fire. Fire is at the heart of his every ability, and indeed at the heart of the Wizard himself. Using the power of the wind of fire, he can lay waste to swaths of enemies, or incinerate select foes with white hot energy. His magic feeds upon itself, upon the enemy, and upon the Wizard. Embracing the fires within his mind, the Bright Wizard himself is engulfed in flame. He directs this inferno against his foes, filling them with searing power until they burst, incinerated by arcane flames so hot they threaten to ignite the air itself.

Bright Wizard Specialty

There are secrets which only the Bright Wizards know... The Seven Keys, arcane talismans and techniques too reckless and destructive for the minds of humanity’s Elven tutors, are mastered by every Bright Wizard and afford him considerable power. Each key lends the Bright Wizard’s magic a unique aspect, and all of them expand his power. With his mastery of the magic of fire, and the power of the Keys, his spells burn his foes, and then burn their own magic, combining to create a deadly conflagration.

Playing as a Bright Wizard

As a Bright Wizard you will destroy the enemy with arcane fire, but you must do so with cunning intellect, or risk finding your own end despite your power. Your defenses are minimal, and you are nothing if not obvious. For you, the best defense is your own mighty offense and that can be a very powerful deterrent. Quick decisive action is pivotal to your fighting. You must unleash your spells on the enemy forth with so that they have the greatest possible opportunity to burn. Then you must take advantage of the opportunities this presents, using other powers to detonate your burning victims. If you are incautious, you may be slain before your enemy is defeated, only for him to fall to your lingering magic, but with skill and quick thinking victory will be yours.

Fighting the Bright Wizard

The only real solution to a Bright Wizard’s deadly power is his death, and even this may not save you if he has had time to do his work. His magic lingers and burns, so you must be prepared to withstand not only his powerful direct assault, but the aftereffects of your battle. Resistance to his spells is key in limiting his ability to destroy you outright, but offensive power is equally important for putting him to a quick end. Ultimately, against a Bright Wizard it will be a race to see who can kill who first. However, it is a race for which he is well equipped, and his tools make him more and more potent the longer that race goes on.

The Bright Wizard Look

  • Effectively unarmored, wearing elaborate and often enchanted robes and regalia.
  • Uses a wizard’s staff as a medium for spell casting and for melee in a pinch.
  • Shrouded with flames which grow over him and sprout from his equipment in combat.
  • The Ten Ton Thought

    If I know one thing about Warhammer Bright wizards it’s that we can expect burning.  Lots of burning.  The Bright Wizards are known far and wide for their ability to set fires and burn things in multiple different ways, and it seems that in Warhammer Online they will be no different.  From the images thus far it seems that the Bright Wizards are fairly unarmored and that they probably won’t have a lot of non-magical defenses.  Right now it seems the Bright Wizard will be a powerhouse of magical destructive force.




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