Editorial - Should Arena PvP be Fair?

Posted Tue, Mar 04, 2008 by Messiah

Is a system where specific classes rule OK?

I continue my rant on all things PvP this week with a look at the at the current class mix and how they stack up in arena PvP. I want to take a look at more than just a look at the classes though, I want to look at the philosophy behind PvP. Should each class have a valid spot in arenas? Should each class be able to survive in one way or another? Or are some classes just meant to rule the arenas and that's it?

Let's start with looking at some of the class mix issues and then analyze a bit why they are the way they are. After looking at the team mixes for arena maybe things will become clearer.

This is really a huge issue for many players as they have high level characters and want to fight in the arenas, however if you are not the right class you almost need not apply. Sure you can fight it out in the middle brackets, but you will never compete with the big boys no matter your skill level. Should this be the case?

Find out all my thoughts in the Editorial - Should Arena PvP be Fair? and then have your say in the forums.

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