SAGA Launches Today

Posted Tue, Mar 04, 2008 by Aelryn

How about a change of pace?

Today marks the launch of SAGA, one of the few MMORTS games on the market.

The Saga begins… From now on it’s a persistent world. With over 1000 online quests at launch, SAGA boasts many of the features that made MMOs successful: auction house, guilds, raiding, looted treasure, gear upgrades, collaborative party questing… Combined with the RTS features of city-building, resource management and grand-scale massive warfare, SAGA has changed the landscape of RTS gaming.

Originally built by industry veteran Dallan Christensen (Lead Programmer of Starcraft: Brood War), the SAGA world is a traditional fantasy setting: Elves, Orcs, Dragons, Dwarves, and Giants are the characters in a story that develops through the quest threads and will lead to new expansions and new features as SAGA grows.

“Players are ready for massive online warfare where every battle really counts, because your empire is fully persistent; it doesn’t vanish after every battle.” says SAGA creator Jason Faller

Since Silverlode opened Beta to the public in July of 2007, SAGA has been balanced and rebalanced to suit both casual and hardcore gamers, who can fairly compete head-to-head in this highly tactical strategy game.

SAGA has no subscription fee; the purchase price is $19.95, which includes a persistent account with up to five nations (characters). The game trailer can be found at

Sign up to play SAGA now at

Well, you heard them. Go check it out.


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