WoW UI Mod Design Guide Update

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Localized custom-designed UI Mods? Me encanta.

Krimm continues his entertaining and informative step-by-step series on creating custom WoW addons with a look at localization. WoW is available in 4 (soon to be 5) major languages, so with a good dictionary, a little extra work, and a healthy sense of humor (or maybe just a bilingual friend), you can make your mod global!

Practically speaking, hereÂ’s the one thing you need to know for creating your localized .lua files: use a Unicode editor to create the file. Like I said, I donÂ’t speak anything besides English. (After reading my writing for six installments of this guide, youÂ’re probably wondering if I even speak that! J) So to create the French translation of the battle cry AddOn, I emailed my localization.lua file to a friend who speaks French. She translated the strings, using an Unicode editor, and sent them back to me. Even though I still donÂ’t speak a word of French, my AddOn now does. Way cool.

Check out this section and the rest of Krimm's UI Mod Design guide, a featured part of the WoW UI Mods at TenTonHammer project.

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