Funcom to Appear at The Gathering 2008

Gather My Friends...

Gather My Friends...

If you plan to spend your Spring Break at "The Gathering 2008" then make your way to the Age of Conan Hyborian Adventure section of the field. Funcom will be showing off the game live at the main stage. Get up there and be one of the first to peak the preview in all its majestic glory.

Spending your Easter break at The Gathering? Now's your chance to see Age of Conan live!

Funcom will be showing the game live at the main stage, starting at 23:45 on Wednesday evening, when everybody is ready for blood and severed heads.

Erling "LordOrion" Ellingsen and Shannon "Pharamond" Drake will both be attending and are looking forward to showing the game/reuniting as a comedy duo for thousands of screaming Age of Conan fans. (Well, maybe not all of them are Age of Conan fans, but we're sure we can find a few!)

We'll see you there!

  • You can read Funcom's announcement here.

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