Extended Rogue Guide Updated

Updated Wed, Mar 19, 2008 by Xerin

Rogue talents... very important.

Talents and talent builds were the focus of this update to our Extended Rogue Guide. Everything you need to know about Rogue talents and various example builds that apply to the current patch are contained within this helpful guide. If you haven't seen the Extended Rogue Guide before then be sure to take a look at the other sections which go over tactics, poisons, and other helpful (and current) information about the Rogue class. With a full understanding of how the Rogue operations you too can be scoring massive arena points or getting high scores in the battlegrounds!

Talents are, by design, the most personal choices you have for your character. Most people look for cookie-cutter builds online and follow what someone else has done before. I'm sure others have crunched the numbers and found the perfect build for the highest DPS, but there are a lot of possibilities in the three Talent Trees for taking advantage of the abilities of the Rogue.

Click here to read our extended Rogue guide!

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