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Dark Elf Preview

Posted Wed, Mar 19, 2008 by RadarX

Those lucky folks at Gamespy have landed more Warhammer Online information this time delving into the world of Dark Elves. Providing a detailed description of early gameplay for this dark race, their preview will let you see just how friggin evil you can be. If your a big fan of the Dark Elves, after you pick up a latte and put on some Coldplay, head over to Gamespy for more information.

In Warhammer lore, the Dark Elves are the renegade faction of the Elvish race. Thousands of years ago Malekith, the son of the Elvish king Aenarion, was deemed unsuitable for the Phoenix Throne because of his unstable and warlike nature. Outraged at such a nonsensical charge, the peace-loving prince responded by engineering a bloody civil war that nearly exterminated the elves as a race and resulted in the permanent division of the Elves into two mutually hostile camps. In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Malekith learns of an impending invasion of the human Empire by Chaos and uses that to kick off a cunning plan that will finally result in the Dark Elf conquest of their homeland of Ulthuan and his ascension to the throne.

Head over to Gamespy for the full story.

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