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Things go very wrong at Gussen Farm.

The Meaning of Elite
When we rolled our characters, my wife and I chose the Elite difficulty. We did so for a couple of reasons: to test the harder difficulty and because everyone on the beta forums said it was more enjoyable for people who wanted a challenging experience.

Boy, do I feel as if we were challenged! The wife and I made our way through the countryside to Gussen Farm, a stop close to the Stonehill area. Even the countryside was lethal for us, as swarms of monsters would cause us to flee like sissies and drink health potions like alcoholics at an open-bar wedding. From Gussen Farm, we headed to our first "real" dungeon.

We went through 3 floors, each one a battle for our lives before arriving at a boss that was on so many steroids that I expected it to set a new homerun record batting around Ralsu's body. We each ended up opening portals to the clearing outside the dungeon in a safe corner. We'd circle-kite the boss; mainly, my wife would lead it in a circle to keep it distracted while I beat on it from behind. When one of us died, we'd come in through the other person's portal to same the time of traversing the dungeon. So long as one of us could stay alive to do some minor damage, the boss would not heal very much, but when we both went down, the boss seemed to gain back 25% health by the time we could return.

Later on, I did some testing by myself to see how different Elite felt from the default difficulty. I took a level 9 Gadgeteer (Silek from Mythos Meta Journal #1) through three floors of a level 7 dungeon on one minor healing potion. I had to down a few more potions to beat the boss of course, but I did not die. Then I logged onto an Elite character who was level 6 and went through a level 5 dungeon. My elite character needed a drink for just about every major room she cleared. The monsters were more aggressive in their pursuit, and I encountered more unique monsters (lesser named). The boss of that dungeons killed my then level 7 Bloodletter twice.

What the above anecdote says to me is that the default difficulty on Mythos is great for players looking for a casual experience and not wanting to feel very stressed. Most players with any skill and experience with similar games will wade through hordes of baddies and feel good doing it. Players who want to be challenged more often can play on Elite, which will be my preferred setting. Those who are adrenaline junkies can combine Elite with Hardcore and risk permanent death.

Ralsu's sword glows to indicate its fiery potential.

Show Some Class, Will Ya?
I've only done minor testing at this point--20 hours or so. I've played each of the classes to about level 10, so I am no expert on anything. What impresses me most about the class balance at this point is that each class seems to allow for any play style. Ralsu is a Pyromancer focusing on the Cinderblade skills. They allow him to wield a sword imbued with fire damage and screen himself with a fire shield. Essentially, the mage class can easily be made a melee class. Other Pyromancer skills let players shoot jets of flame, place walls of fire on the ground, and cause explosions.

The Bloodletter seems to be a melee class at first but features a line of skills on the Red Hand tab that makes him perform like a necromancer. Other Bloodletter skills allow players to attack multiple times in rapid succession, warp around the map, and draw on the essence of enemies.

The Gadgeteer can focus on traps to the point of functioning as a mage. Some of the people who really want to challenge the balance of the game run with melee-oriented Gadgeteers. I wish them all the best!

Parting Thoughts
With my 20ish hours of beta testing under my belt, I've managed to find and report a few small bugs, but I am still finding Mythos to be very stable and very fun. Soon we testers will have Zone 3 to play with, so I need to hurray up and make my way to Zone 2! In the meantime, I put together some video footage of Mythos in action:
In my next Mythos Beta Journal, I'll cover how Flagship Studios intends to keep Mythos free-to-play while allowing both paying and non-paying gamers to have access to the same experience. I'll also bring something of an FAQ. Stay tuned!
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