How To Play a Tankadin Guide Update

Posted Fri, Mar 21, 2008 by Messiah

They take a beating and keep on going... It's once again been a while since our last Tankadin guide update and while little has changed in how Paladin's tank, much more is understood. The update clarifies many of the basics and covers topics such as down gearing and using the right seal in the right situation. If you are a Paladin and thinking of trying out tanking, or are a Tankadin that needs a little help, or even another class that wants to understand how we work, check out the guide
While mana is used by Tankadins, it is not as important as most players think. Because 10% of the healing done to a Tankadin is also given back to us as mana, as long as we are being hit and hurt enough we will continue to have mana to generate threat. This leads to the very strange habit called down gearing. While Warrior and Druid tanks need to just worry about better and better gear, it is possible for a Tankadin to be over geared for an instance or raid.
You can find all the details in our updated How to Play a Tankadin Guide and then voice your comments in our forums.
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