'Bioshock' MMO Being Considered

Posted Thu, Mar 27, 2008 by Aelryn

Bioshock Online: Coming soon?

G4 announced today that EA might be actively considering a Bioshock MMOG to follow on the success of the popular first-person shooter. Additionally, there's also the possibility of a Civilization-based MMO.

A Take-Two Interactive discussion of the potential buyout from EA revealed a slide that lists both the Civilization series and Bioshock as MMOs the company is considering. Bioshock is also listed as potential for a movie.

While both Civilization and Bioshock might make money as MMOs, we can't help but feel fear at the prospect of such a game. The reason Bioshock works as a game and a piece of art is the slavish attention to period detail and the total immersiveness of it; gamers would immediately muck it up with their endless OOC chatter about game mechanics and who's a noob and who isn't. But, even worse than the "hardcore" would be the role-players. Although they'd mean well in the game, most people aren't up to participating in compelling fictions and crap it up at ever turn.

Read more at G4.

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