Project Entropia Gets a New Name

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The MMO formerly known as...

The only MMO that could help you lose your rent money in a single night of play is getting a facelift. That's right, the MMO formerly known as "Project Entropia" is now Entropia Universe. I'm not sure the new name compels me to ante up, but hey, it's cheap press.

Project Entropia, the fastest growing virtual universe utilizing a real cash economy, today announced the next phase in its evolution to become the ultimate virtual community, "Entropia Universe" ( The new name embodies the concept of Entropia Universe as more than just another MMORPG, but rather a complete virtual world with the unique identifier of allowing players to utilize a RCE (Real Cash Economy). The built-in RCE links the internal Entropia Universe economy to that of a real world through a fixed exchange rate of $1 USD for 10 PED (project entropia dollars).

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