MMO Boredom Busters Listed

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Combat isn't the only thing to do in an MMORPG!

Ever get tired of hunting the same foes through the same dark forest? Tired of wielding that short sword or dagger? Merriandra, from the Vanguard - TenTonHammer site, shares with us some secrets to relieving that boredom in Boredom Busters.

When I was the co-leader of a guild, I organized a scavenger hunt. I took one of my lowest-level characters and I killed her in creative ways all over Norrath. I left one semi-precious object on each corpse, and then I gave clues to guild members who raced off to find SearchÂ’s corpses. The first person to reach each poor, mutilated body shouted out their name, their zone, and the corpse location in guildchat and I gave consent, which, at the time, allowed the lucky individual to loot the corpse.

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