Requiem: Bloodymare Closed Beta Interview

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Questions by Cody “Micajah” Bye, Managing Editor

Answers by Jason Koerperich, Community Manager, Gravity Interactive, Inc.

When an individual walks into a horror movie, most people know exactly what they’re going to see. Blood, gore, and overt sexuality are all trademarks of the horror genre and are also the atmospheric focus of Gravity Interactive’s latest MMORPG. Titled Requiem: Bloodymare, the game (which we previewed earlier this month) has received a fair amount of attention from fans and the gaming press. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer’s Cody “Micajah’ Bye caught up with Jason Koerperich, Community Manager for Gravity, and drilled him about Requiem and the many unique features the game brings to the table. The pair discuss PvP, setting, game mechanics, and much more in this extensive interview!

Gore is where Requiem hopes to really stand out.

Ten Ton Hammer: As a mature-oriented 3D MMORPG, Requiem is a far cry from your most popular game, Ragnarok Online. Why did you decide to go the mature route? You already had a devout fan base associated with your previous title, why did you want to step away from that?

Jason Kooerperich: Aside from diversity being the spice of life, I think expanding the breadth of our offerings to reach out to a wider audience will bring more fans to MMOGs.  We offer games that target young players and anime fans – like Ragnarok and ROSE. We’ve already have proven you can create hugely successful games with millions of players like Ragnarok by expanding beyond the standard MMO settings.  

Now we are bringing in the fans of the horror genre into our brand.  We see a huge opportunity with games that target mature players, such as in Requiem. Expanding into the mostly untouched horror MMO genre is both extremely tempting and incredibly daunting and we look forward to those challenges.

Ten Ton Hammer: There are several horror games currently in development from a variety of development studios. Each of these games hopes to cash in on the groups of people looking for a more “gruesome” game. How are you going to make Requiem: Bloodymare stand out from the crowd?

Jason: Bloody battles, big swords, severed limbs and heads flying off in all directions, that’s how a Temperion does their work.  The Havok engine allows for some truly gruesome killing blows which actually take into account the sword’s angle and momentum when displaying the carnage.  The best part is that others will see the same result on their screens, so large parties wading into battle truly can be witness to some truly epic, gory battles.

But we’re not relying on just being “gruesome” to capture the market.  Once you get past the setting and start exploring the DNA, Beast Possession and Nightmare systems you’ll find a unique game.  We have game dynamics that you won’t find in any other MMO on the market that puts ahead of other horror titles.

Ten Ton Hammer: How do players learn to transform using the Beast Possession system? Is it an innate ability? Or will players keep a record of everything they possess so they can transform into it later?
Jason: Beast possession is a potential that all “Temperions” (DNA and cybernetically-enhanced beings) possess.  They will unlock that potential during their careers as heroes via questing or artifact hunting.  Temperions must first find and then conquer the beast to be able use its power in battle.  From that point forward, that beast is a facet of your character, growing in strength as you do, ready to unleash its fury when you want it to.

Ten Ton Hammer: The DNA System sounds equally as impressive as the Beast Possession abilities. Can you describe this for us? How are players going to obtain this genetic material and how often can they “enhance” their characters?

Jason: Being that Temperions are both cybernetically and DNA-enhanced beings, they can be more easily modified than humans.  The Xenoas (the scientists of Ethegia) have figured out how to bring out subtle inborn abilities of Temperions via DNA enhancements.  They have evolved this science to the point that a Temperion can have their DNA enhanced with a simple procedure, all the necessary DNA and equipment provided by the Xenoa.  Of course, certain combinations of DNA enhancements can bring out special latent abilities as well, but those combinations have not yet been figured out by the Xenoas. Those will be up to the individual Temperion to discover.

Players will be able to advance their appearance by equiping better armor and weapons.

Ten Ton Hammer: In Ragnarok Online, one of the big draws for many of the players was the ability to upgrade your form at advanced levels (e.g. novice to archer to bard). Will this be a part of Requiem as well? Will there be any visual changes to the character?

Jason: All Temperions start as a basic Temperion class. From level 10, two options are given for 1st class -- depending on which Race the Temperion chose. Later in their career, after sufficient power is harnessed, the Temperion can branch off their 1st class again in 2 directions for their 2nd class. There are three Races are currently available; Turan, Bartuk, & Kruxena (more are planned already).  All together there are 19 classes; Temperion, two 1st classes for each race, and four 2nd classes for each race. Your class does not change your normal appearance; however your equipment choices do update your appearance in very substantial ways.

Ten Ton Hammer: Being a horror game, the atmosphere and “fright-factor” are obviously incredibly important in setting the correct mood. How did your artists and designers create this sort of frightening atmosphere? How did the use of the Havok engine allow you to up the fright-factor?

Jason: The idea of good collision physics is one of the neatest things I’ve experienced in Requiem because that have been absent in many MMOGs I’ve played. The Havok engine is responsible for that.  From the limbs sent flying due to a devastating overhand chop, to traps catching you from the ground, all are adaptations from the engine the game is running.  As our ideas evolve, so will the use of the engine to enhance the atmosphere of horror in Requiem.  I truly feel we’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done to have the environment inflict its horrible intentions on the Temperions. Our artists and designers have a wide pallet to use. The world will truly be out to get you in Requiem, and if it does, you will see it in all of its gory glory.

Ten Ton Hammer: How important is PvP to the gameplay of Requiem? Will it only be available on certain servers and in high-end guild environments? Or are you aiming for a bunch of PvP worlds?
Jason: In all servers there will be Dueling and “fields of contention.”  These are special zones set up to allow cross server PVP battles on grand scale to take place, and of course rewards for successful individuals and teams also play into the attraction of the “fields of contention.”  

Of course open PVP servers are also planned as an option.  Currently the open PVP server system is being revamped to make it something that is more unique and engaging for those that wish to participate in an open PVP world.   PVP does feel very natural in a game like Requiem.  Nothing quite gets the blood pumping like the thought that someone or something may be stalking you just out of sight.  

Ten Ton Hammer: What sort of gameplay options are available for higher-end characters? Will raiding be the only activity open to level capped characters?
Jason: Raiding for challenge and loot will always be an option for characters of all level ranges, but so too will PVP fields. They will be a major attraction for those that wish to prove their strength regardless of their home server.

The Beast Possession system allows players to tranform into incredibly savage monsters.

Ten Ton Hammer: In your opinion, what’s the best gameplay mechanic or feature in Requiem: Bloodymare? Why do you enjoy it so much?
Jason: One of the most gratifying things about Requiem is the gore factor.Having a tough day?  Go slay some scary beasts.

The satisfying crunch, slashes and blood are a cathartic release for me, and apparently for our beta testers as well.  The impressive way combat pans out, with over the top kills and bodies being torn asunder by the sheer force of the Temperion’s strength, is something that I’ve not gotten tired of.

Ten Ton Hammer: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to tell the Ten Ton Hammer readers about Requiem: Bloodymare?
Jason: What makes Requiem unique is the Beast Possession system, the DNA system and Nightmare mode. Now, you didn’t really ask me about the Nightmare mode so let’s touch on that for a moment. Just like the real world, Requiem has a day and night cycle. Two hours in the real world equals to 24 hours in Requiem. Between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., Nightmare strikes.  Nightmare mode lasts 15 minutes in real time. Horrific monsters spawn during this time, all with higher-than-usual HP and much higher damage ratings. Some of the monsters defy description! And of course, if you kill Nightmare monsters, you’ll get nicer loot as well.  Normally players will have to party up to take on Nightmare monsters. So if someone ends up in a dark forest at night, alone, and Nightmare strikes, they might not live to tell the tale…

Requiem is not for kids and not for the faint of heart.  If you are looking for something more grown up, with an emphasis on blood and the horror of battle, check out Requiem (www.playrequiem.com) when it is released later this year.

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