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A Pyromancer bathes a zombie in flames.

Q: Can players craft items in Mythos?
A; Yes. So far, we get three styles: Sylvan, Terran, and Ethereal. The styles cover different items from heavy armor and swords to light armor and staves. Players can even make grenades for throwing and potions that restore mana and health and won't be available from merchants in the game.

Q: Is crafting a process, or is it just "hit the switch?"
A: It works like hitting a switch, but that makes it sound too easy.

First, players need a recipe. While some can be bought or earned from non-player characters (NPCs). it seems that others must be found by killing monsters in the dungeons. Then the player must find the components. Again, NPCs have some, but most must be found or created. Players can deconstruct old items to reap their components. The rarer the item, the rarer and better the components. The final thing a player needs to make an item is the requisite crafting skill. If you want to make a sword, you need at least one point in that crafting skill. But then you can only make level 1 items. The more points you spend in a crafting tree, the higher level item of that kind you can make.

Once a player has met all of the above conditions, he can simply make the item.

Q: Can players make rare or magical items?
A: It is possible spend crafting points to learn to make adornments for weapons and armor that add effects. Players can also learn to imbue items with elemental essences.

Q: Are crafted items better or worse than drops?
A: Sorry, but my playing experience is not sufficient to answer. I'll add it to the interview ideas.

Q: Is there an auction house for selling items made by players?
A: Not yet, but Flagship Studios indicates there will be.

Player-vs.Player (PvP) Combat
Q: Does Mythos have PvP?
A: Yes. Any player may travel to the Shadow Lands and do battle with other players. Alternatively, players can mark their characters as Shadow Lands only and always be open to PvP.

Q: Is PvP handled by faction or as free-for-all (FFA)?
A: Right now, there are no factions in the games. All of the races get along fine and are united in the fight against the enemy. Thus, PvP is a total FFA scenario where any play can attack any other PvP player.

Player models can get close to naked but not quite.

Q: Are there any safe zones?
A: Normal characters can leave the Shadow Lands to no longer be in danger, but those marked as Shadow Lands only are open to danger at all times.

Q: What does Flagship Studios intend to do about spawn campers?
A: As the game is only in closed beta, I don't know that I can fairly answer this. It seems they expect the community to sort police itself. Jerks who camp spawns will get theirs. But I'll add it to my interview list.

Q: Can you loot the corpse of your victim in PvP?
A: Yes. The number of items you may loot depends on the losing player's Anarchy score. See below.

Q: Are there PvP points or a leader board?
A: I have not seen a leader board yet, but I will ask about it. Meanwhile, players have Anarchy points. Kill people who are lower than you, and your Anarchy will be bad and players can loot multiple items from your corpse when they kill you. Keep your Anarchy on the good side, and you'll only lose one item at a time.

Customer Service
Q: How will Flagship Studios deal with ninja looters (people who grab items and refuse to share with the party)?
A: Mainly by making ninja looting impossible. If you are in a party and see an item fall, you are the only one in your party who can loot it. The other members get their own loot. If you see something, pick it up.

Q: How about gold spammers and other griefers?
A: I will add these issues to my interview questions.

Q: How many servers are there/will there be at launch?
A: Right now, everyone plays on a single beta server. City-hubs can have multiple instances, so you and your friends might be in separate instances of the same city until you form a party. Then you will always enter the same instance. I will ask for more details.

Open Beta and Launch
Q: Mythos sounds cool. How do I get into beta.
A: The game is currently in closed beta, so you have to be invited by Flagship Studios. From what I gather, they are content with the number of testers they have until Open Beta.

Q: OK, when is Open Beta?
A: My speculation is the end of April, but I will ask.

Q: When will Mythos launch?
A: It looks as though the target is is still some time in 2008, but I will ask.

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