DDO Top Tier Spells Revealed

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DDO Wizards and Sorcerers Take Note...

So, your Dungeons & Dragons Online wizard or sorcerer is now ready to cast 3rd level spells. Which ones are winners? Which ones are...not? Darkgolem explores the mystical realms of arcane magic and offers his detailed information and ratings of 3rd level arcana.

Rage - 'Causes target for fly into a screaming block frenzy, gaining phenomenal strength and durability, but becoming reckless. Grants a bonus to strength, constitution and will saves, but causes target to take a penalty to armor.' Grants +2 str, +2 con –2 dex +1 will save. Can cast, can sneak, while under this effect, unlike barbarian rages. Stacks with Haste, ability buffs such as Bull’s Strength, and Heroism, except the will save will not stack with Heroism. A fine spell for the wizard whose allies are warriors.

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