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Warhammer Online Preview at Eurogamer

Posted Fri, Apr 04, 2008 by RadarX

Eurogamer MMO has put together a pretty lengthy preview of the current Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning build which delves into some of the mechanics, character customizations, and combat. While the preview does come with a side of "heavy opinion" and is short on anything that hasn't been talked about consistently, it'll provide some information for anyone unfamiliar with the product so far. If nothing else they seem to have some screenshots that we haven't seen before.

As you play, it collates the story of the world and your character's adventures within it, and rewards certain "tome unlocks" - kill a thousand of these, discover a rare thing, die a hundred thousand times - with jokey titles and themed stat boosts and abilities, called "tactics". Some unlocks are listed, others will have to be uncovered in what Mythic calls a "meta game" that will encourage exhaustive exploration. One example: follow a man who only appears at a certain time each day, eavesdrop on his conversation, steal his key and use it to access a secret area, and kill a wizard for the unlock.

Head over to Eurogamer to read more.

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