Making Of Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative

Back in the good old days of space...

Back in the good old days of space...

Gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun takes a special look at the making of the game that preceded Jumpgate: Evolution for this Space Week feature.

You never know what to expect at a press event. Sometimes itÂ’s simply you being locked in a tiny room with a sinister east-European man for eight hours, demonstrating the unique merits of their ultra-special hexes. In this case, IÂ’ve spent the last five hours running around obstacle courses and similar outdoors pursuits in the company of NetDevilÂ’s Design Director, Ryan Seabury. ItÂ’s an actual press junket. Sadly, thereÂ’s little chance to actually point a dictaphone in his direction and talk like gentlemen. Just before weÂ’re whisked in separate directions, I manage to grab five minutes of recorded chat with him. Luckily, Ryan speaks and with enough passion, enthusiasm and speed to fit thirty minutes of normal talk inside this relatively brief frame.

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