Voyage Century: City-Building System Preview

Posted Thu, Apr 10, 2008 by Aelryn

Building cities sounds a lot like work. Can't we just have some loot?

Voyage Century Online will be releasing a new city-building feature soon and they've posted a small preview of what it all entails.

The brand new City Building system for the new version of Voyage Century( be released soon. Seizing a port is always important in Voyage Century, but it takes on added value now. In the old version, a port can be occupied by a guild, and the guild will obtain a lot of benefits from it. However only powerful guilds have the ability to occupy the most prosperous ports. In addition, these ports are so few that once they are captured by a guild, it may never change hands again. As time passes, the difference between the powerful guilds and the ordinary guilds will become more pronounced.

Read all about the new system at the official game site.


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