Editorial: Isn't Capture the Flag Supposed to be Fast and Fun?

Posted Mon, Apr 14, 2008 by Messiah

The loneliest Battleground

With the latest patch from Blizzard (patch 2.4) PvP in the battlegrounds has been further refined. Diminishing returns and the delay to receive honor earned have both been eliminated. Alterac Valley (AV) was tuned to be more balanced for both factions and Warsong Gulch (WSG) was tuned in an attempt to be more fun to play.

Having spent some time playing in WSG this weekend though, I have to say that they failed with the changes made there. What can or should be done to fix WSG? That's the topic I look at in this weeks editorial: Isn't capture the flag supposed to be fast and fun?

This type of game has been around since the earliest first person shooters (FPS) started doing PvP. The biggest difference and the most likely reason there are issues in WoW with this type of game is the speed in which you can kill your opponent and make them drop the flag. In a traditional FPS an opponent can be killed in several fast shots, and sometimes even a single "head-shot". Also, in most cases healing is very limited. This means that once a flag carrier has been located, they are dead fast, sometimes instantly. This allows the game to have a very fast flow to it, you either keep moving or you die.

Read all about it in the Editorial: Isn't capture the flag supposed to be fast and fun? and then visit our forums to voice your opinion.

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