New MMOGcharts Released

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New version of MMOGcharts released

Bruce Sterling Woodcock has tracked active subscriptions to various MMOs for years, and though the data's far from perfect (ever since World of Warcraft rocket-like rise into the millions, developers have become increasingly tight-lipped about the size of their subscriber-base) we have a fresh picture of the market as of last week. As reported by Joystiq:

The green line leaping towards infinity is World of Warcraft -- the yellow and red curves, declining slowly, are Lineage and Lineage II respectively. Many of the others stop in 2005, so it's hard to get an accurate up-to-date picture, but the light blue line representing Runescape seems to be finally taking off, cresting the 500,000 barrier -- an impressive feat for a game started by a couple of students.

Check out the new charts and commentary at Joystiq.

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