MMO Phantasy Star Goes 360

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Second MMORPG Hits XBox 360

According to Game Feed, a title dating from the Sega Master System days, Phantasy Star Online, will have an MMO present on the 360.

SEGA Studios must have figured they’ve kept their fans waiting long enough. It’s hard not to have ever heard the name Phantasy Star if you’ve been a Sega Genesis (or even a Master System) owner/fan back in the golden gaming era. Phantasy Star Online, a title that goes down in history as the first ever videogame console MMORPG (it also precedes ‘Final Fantasy XI’ in being the first-ever multi-platform MMORPG. Episodes I and II are playable on each of the PC, Dreamcast, Xbox, and Gamecube gaming platforms.)

Check out the full article on the 360 incarnation of Phantasy Star at The Game Feed.

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