NCSoft Teams with CGM

Posted Thu, Apr 20, 2006 by Boomjack

CGM, NCSoft - Nine letters that go together.
The aptly titled, Computer Games Magazine has struck a three-month deal with NCSoft to promote City of Villains.

" Computer Games Magazine Partners With NCsoft, Offers Free Online Game to New Subscribers; Gamers Will Receive Free Copy of City of Villains and 30 Days of Free Play
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 2006--Computer Games Magazine, published by the media division of, today announced a three-month partnership with game publisher NCsoft(R) - North America to offer the massively multiplayer online game City of Villains(TM) free to new subscribers of the publication along with 30 days of free play.
City of Villains, released in October 2005, is the standalone sequel to the hit massively multiplayer online PC game City of Heroes(R). In less than six months, it has already received high marks and praise from the gaming community. New subscribers will receive all the benefits of the standard edition of the game including:
-- A CD-ROM version of City of Villains
-- One exclusive HeroClix(TM) figure
-- One exclusive City of Heroes collector card from Alderac Entertainment Group
-- Two-sided poster featuring: Villains vs. Heroes battle scene and Rogue Isles(TM) ancient map
"This partnership helps us give our newsstand readers an incentive to subscribe to Computer Games Magazine," said Jayson Dubin, Vice President and Publisher of Computer Games Magazine. "We are confident that gamers will be thrilled to not only receive an immensely popular MMO game but also a year's worth of sophisticated gaming editorial, features, and reviews.""

This and so much more in the rest of the official press release.


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