Ask the Devs: Week in Review (April 20, 2008)

With the launch of Ten Ton  Hammer's Ask the Devs feature, the forums
With the launch of Ten Ton  Hammer's Ask the Devs feature, the forums have been overflowing with questions that Age of Conan fans want answered. Jason "Athelan" Stone has stepped up as Funcom representative to answer those very questions. For those of you who like just the meat and potatoes, we have compiled a list of this week's questions and answers.

Another big "Thank You" to Athelan for coming out and answering seven more questions for us this week.
Arda asks: "Will there be stealing in the game?"

Athelan: "There is no pickpocketing, there is some stealing as part of some quests but that is not what you are referring to."

Tezca asks: "Does AoC use all 4 cores of a Quad core?"

Athelan: "Conan does take advantage of multi core CPU's however, the CPU is not the big bottle neck and graphics card, ram, and hard disk even are probably more important for performance."

LordOfShadows asks: "We've all heard Age of Conan of being a massive online world... and about how detailed it is. My question is how "open" is this massive world? Is it more linear (but not nessarily instanced) like Guild Wars? Where the zones are long paths all connected together? Or is it like Everquest where there are large open zones to explore?"

Athelan: "Somewhere in between. A lot of the outdoor areas are laid out more like an Everquest expansive play area but then have smaller areas of game-play where you find more detailed content."

Groguzzler asks: "I noticed from a handful of videos that there seemed to be multiple mount speeds. Can you, for example, coax your horse to walk, trot, or gallop? Will prolonged galloping affect your mount?"

Athelan: "You can walk, trot, and gallop on a horse yes. Galloping requires holding down the shift key and prevents the use of mounted combat and drains the horses stamina to where it cannot gallop anymore, it is essentially mounted sprinting."

Shaleist asks: "I recently just saw the Instructional video on the UI for AOC and something unexpected was presented. It appears that conquerers have mana bars. I'll get right to the question, which other non-obvious classes have mana bars? I assume the DT does have it now, but how about the Assassin and the Ranger?"

Athelan: "Hybrid classes. Bear Shaman, Dark Templar, Herald of Xotli, Conqueror. Conqueror does not really use his mana actively in combat."

Entaro asks: "Will European credit cards be allowed for billing for US accounts/game time?"

Athelan: "I don't think the card address is used for verification. I believe it is just a question of having the right copy of the box with the right account key."

Idred asks: "Can you tell me how many characters an account can hold?"

Athelan: "Eight per server if I am recalling correctly."

Do you have a question about Age of Conan that you'd like answered by Funcom? Head on over to the Ask the Devs forum and ask away! Be sure to read the guidelines.

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