Patch 2.4 Summary - After the Storm

Posted Wed, Apr 23, 2008 by DarkFact

Patch 2.4 Summary - After the Storm

After Patch 2.4, World of Warcraft's EndGame went through several notable changes, such as a new raid zone, tons of new Daily Quests to complete, and several PvP and Arena Changes. If you're curious as to what all changed in this latest patch, and want to find our coverage on the Daily Quests and the new instance, head on over to this guide!

Daily Quests got a major overhaul this Patch, giving players a new total amount of quests they may do per day - up to 25! Opening up the potential for lots of money and lots of reputation in a very, very fast manner, 2.4 gives players the option to stop having low amounts of money and buy the items they've always wanted but never could afford

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