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Posted Sat, Apr 22, 2006 by Ethec

TenTonHammer's Auto Assault "Battle Shout!" Contest

Ever have the urge to shout something before that glorious dance known as battle? Well if you do, we want to hear it! We have pre-order serial codes to give to the best five entries in our "Battle Shout!" contest! It's simple; post a humorous or creative battle shout on the TenTonHammer - Auto Assault forums between April 21st and May 4th, 2006. The best five will receive a pre-order serial code that can be used to obtain a 5% loot bonus and a free front mounted weapon that levels along side of you!

"Leading into battle, a popular old-world habit was to shout a battle
cry to get the adrenaline pumping and raise the spirits of the men
around you. While the effects of this strange tradition were never
recorded, it was known to happen. In the present day many wastelanders
find using a battle shout leading into battle can help bring luck on
their side or prepare themselves for the battle itself. Things like
"DIE FILTHY MUTANT SCUM" and "FOR HUMANITY!" are prime examples of
what young freelancers shout going into battle these days."

Submit your battle shouts at the TenTonHammer - Auto Assault forums!


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