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MMOG Devs Panel at NY Comic-Con Video - Part 2: Audience Q&A

Posted Wed, Apr 23, 2008 by Ethec

The MMORPG Dev Panel at New York Comic-Con 2008 gave us a rare chance to see the magic that probably happens daily over IM and email when developers of competing MMORPGs discuss the ins and outs of their trade with each other. Joining the panel were Age of Conan Game Designer Jason Stone, Warhammer Online Senior Producer Jeff Hickman, Turbine VP of Product Development Craig Alexander, 38 Studios VP of Creative Development Scott Cuthbertson, and EVE Online Game Designer Matt Woodward.

Below, in part 2, the focus shifts from the moderator questions to the high-quality audience questions the devs fielded later in the hour. Return to Part 1 for the moderator questions session that occurred previous to this.

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